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Clergy Ordinations for December 8th

This is an historical record of the ordination dates of clergy in Australia for the 8th of December:

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2014   Rev Stephen Camiolo   Brisbane
2005   Rev Andrea Bellia   Melkite Eparchy
1979   Rev Andrew Bullen SJ  
1993   Rev Anthony Ha   Wollongong
2006   Rev Peter Ferwerda   Sandhurst
1994   Rev Daniel McMahon   Hobart
1973   Rev Geoffrey King SJ  
1965   Rev Ian Mackintosh OMI  
1984   Rev John G Shanahan   Adelaide
1972   Rev Leon Peter Anderson OMI  
2000   Rev Leonard Size   Melbourne
1973   Rev Mark Raper SJ  
1987   Rev Max Davis   Armidale
1984   Rev Michael Rego SM  
1978   Rev Michael Ryan SJ  
1976   Rev Patrick Mullins SJ  
1993   Rev Paul Tru   Melbourne
1979   Rev Peter L'Estrange SJ  
1972   Rev Philip Gambin PE   Melbourne
1995   Rev Stephen Fletcher MGL  
1984   Rev Ted Hanlon   Toowoomba
1978   Rev Theodore Overberg SJ  
1997   Rev Wally Kevis   Bunbury
2009   Rev Michael Grace   Brisbane
1978   Rev Penisimani Folaumoetu'i   Sydney
2011   Rev James Foster   Lismore
2011   Rev Shelwin Fernandez   Lismore
2011   Rev Roland Agrisola   Lismore
2012   Rev W. A. Shammi Nilantha Perera   Hobart
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