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Clergy Ordinations for June 28th

This is an historical record of the ordination dates of clergy in Australia for the 28th of June:

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1969   Most Rev William Martin Morris DD (Emeritus Bishop of Toowoomba)   Toowoomba
1980   Rev Ciril Alojz Bozic OFM OAM EV  
1987   Rev Donald Lourensz   Sandhurst
1964   Rev John Newman   Cairns
1963   Rev John Rasmussen   Rockhampton
1969   Very Rev Joseph Duffy VF   Brisbane
1975   Rev Leo Hynes   Sandhurst
1953   Rev Martin Durham   Rockhampton
1963   Rev Michael Skehan   Toowoomba
1968   Rev Peter Doyle SSC  
1963   Rev Terence P Hickling   Toowoomba
1966   Rev Terence Yard   Hobart
1963   Rev Thomas Mullins   Cairns
1969   Rev Victor Dalton   Townsville
2014   Rev Vinh Nguyen   Melbourne
2014   Rev Michael Kong   Melbourne
1979   Very Rev Gerard Hefferan VF   Brisbane
1969   Most Rev William M Morris DD  
2005   Rev Joseph Ngoc Tan Tran SSS  
2014   Rev Matthew Baldwin STL   Melbourne
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