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Prayer for August 23rd


List of Deceased Clergy, only year of death known
List of Deceased Clergy, date of death unknown

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This is an historical record of the death of clergy in Australia for the 23rd of August:
  • 2009
    Rev Thomas Earls CP  Born 18/09/1933; Ordained 08/03/1958; Sydney, Melbourne etc.
  • 1884
    Rev Nicholas Bassetto OSA  Sandhurst dioc, Melbourne, Vic
  • 1899
    Rev Thomas King  Lismore, Surry Hills, Gosford, NSW
  • 1917
    Rev James O'Regan  Port Fairy etc - Diocese of Ballarat
  • 1919
    Rev Hugh O'Reilly  Perth dioc
  • 1935
    Rev James Henderson  Lismore dioc, NSW
  • 1941
    Rev William Laws CSsR  North Perth, WA; Melbourne
  • 1942
    Rev John Ellis  North Melbourne, etc, Vic
  • 1945
    Rev James O'Reilly  Gympie, Stanthorpe, etc, Qld
  • 1950
    Rev Leonard McCarthy MSC  Kensington, NSW, etc
  • 1967
    Rev Valerian Vincent Monckton OFM  Sydney; Townsville dioc, Qld; Riverside, Tas
  • 1970
    Rev Benedict O'Sullivan OP  Adelaide; Melbourne
  • 1971
    Rev Florence Richard Ryan  Lambton, etc, NSW
  • 1976
    Rev Albert E Lynch  Applecross, etc, WA
  • 1976
    Rev Patrick William O'Neill CSsR  Aitkenvale, Qld; Ballarat, Vic; Launceston, Tas, etc
  • 1978
    Rev Edward Gallagher CSsR  Ballarat, Vic, etc
  • 1987
    Rev Eladio Ros OSB  New Norcia, Perth, WA
  • 1990
    Rev Bernard John Moore MSC  Kensington, Randwick, NSW
  • 1991
    Rev Robert Dando MSC  Sydney, etc
  • 1993
    Rev Kevin Twomey MSC  Sydney; Darwin, etc
  • 2008
    Rev Rupert Dawson OFM  
  • 2008
    Most Rev Peter Quinn DCL STL  Born in Subiaco WA, 17/2/1928; ordained Priest for Perth 21/12/1950; consecrated Auxiliary Bishop to the Archbishop of Perth 27/8/1969. Titular Bishop of Falerone; appointed Bishop of Bunbury 4/8/1982; retired 20/12/2000.
Clergy who died in August, exact date of death unknown:
  • Rev Edward Kelly   Sandhurst dioc, Vic
  • Rev Daniel Kerrin   Sandhurst dioc, Vic
  • 1866Rev Patrick Verling   Melbourne dioc
  • 1924Rev Clement Cain CP   Sydney, etc
  • 1927Rev Thomas? Carrick   Sydney dioc
  • 2005Rev Christopher Coenan OPraem   Sydney, etc

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